Elegance Meets Charm

Our newly renovated Château Renault merges modern amenities with classic hospitality. Our hotel boasts 55 spacious and elegant rooms and suites. We hope that your stay at Château Renault provides not just a pillow for your head or an escape from the busy day-to-day, but an encounter with authentic hospitality that leaves you revived, refreshed, and enthusiastic to return.

All Rooms Include:



Hair dryer

Mini fridge

Flat Screen TV

Daily outdoor pool access (seasonal)

Keurig & complimentary pods

Complimentary coffee in our Lobby

Iron & ironing board

Access to The Pantry Market

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Sleep in a style at a great value. These rooms merge convenience with charm.


Experience the elegance and amenities of our Value room, but enjoy a larger room during your stay.


Our bright and spacious Premium rooms offer the copious amenities of both our Value and Standard rooms.


Relax in luxury. Our Suites boast premium views and square footage. Each suite has a unique footprint and amenities.

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