Our Story

Grounded in Passion and Purpose

Across its 156 year history, the story of Renault Winery has always been one of passion and purpose. Resolved to save his vines from blight, Louis Nicholas Renault left his hometown of Mareuil-sur-Ay, France and set sail, first to California (with little agrarian success) and then to Egg Harbor City, NJ where the loamy soil catapulted him to fame. Renault’s passionate resolve and his dream of producing champagne and fine wines gained his new hometown the name of “Wine City.” Renault was one of the only vintners in the U.S. with the privilege of calling his sparkling wine Champagne, a privilege still unique to our winery.

The D’Agostino family continued to produce Renault’s famous wine after his death, even through the Prohibition era when the government allowed the property to produce both Renault Wine & Tonics for religious and medicinal purposes. The 1960’s brought much attention to Renault which became the largest distributer of Champagne in America, with Johnny Carson acting as its spokesman. The Champagne toast at John F. Kennedy inauguration was also none other than Renault’s famed Champagne. Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s, Louis Renault’s original property evolved under various ownership, growing to include a hotel, restaurant, and golf course.

In late 2018, Vivamee Hospitality, inspired by Louis Renault’s legacy and eager to create an experiential place of love and joy, purchased the then bank-owned Renault Winery. Thus began the revitalization process, resulting in our beautiful, French-inspired resort.

At Renault Winery, we hope you are disarmed by beauty, energizing you to be relentless in your pursuit of your passion and purpose, much like Louis Renault himself.