An afternoon on the golf course is one of the most relaxing ways to spend time with your party. A sport built upon tradition and etiquette, golf courses around the world have written — and unwritten — rules for how to properly dress for the occasion. While seasonal considerations will greatly affect how you approach dressing for the golf course, some generally accepted guidelines have defined golf etiquette and fashion for generations. 

Picking the Appropriate Ensemble

Whether you are visiting Renault Winery for a wine tasting or want to play 18 holes on our renowned course, Vineyard National, how you dress for the experience matters a great deal. A golf event requires a certain level of class mixed with moisture-wicking clothing to keep you feeling fresh and clean for the entire outing. 

Polo Shirts

The gold standard for men and women on the golf course for generations, polo-style shirts have become one of the most well-worn staples of golf style. Typically choosing cotton, microfiber, or polyester weaves, polo shirts provide the best blend of elevated style with functionality for golf enthusiasts.

Polo Shirt Don’ts 

For players going to a renowned golf course, knowing how to look the part is knowing what not to wear as much as what to wear. Regarding polo shirts, the fit is another key consideration when choosing a polo shirt for golf shirts. Sleeves should hit three-quarters above the elbow; any longer, your fit will look sloppy. Also, remember to have the shirt tucked in at all times. 


Generally, comfort and style will dictate what bottoms you wear on the fairways. Players wear pants in cooler weather and shorts during the summer. For the ladies, skirts tend to dominate acceptable golf fashion trends. Generally speaking, unless you are John Daley, most players stick to muted color schemes, including khaki, black, or white for the bottoms, and add a splash of color with their shirt to balance it out. 

Advancements in active wear fabrics in recent years mean that players look for garments with moisture-wicking technology to keep sweat away from your skin and allow for an increased range of motion. Finding pieces that prioritize comfort, function, and style are your best options to ensure you’re ready for a long day on the course. 

Bottom Don’ts 

Different materials and styles are more acceptable than others on the course — while others are outright frowned upon. Wearing denim, jeans, cargo shorts, sweat pants, or anything too tight and form-fitting is considered a fashion faux pas. 

Shoe Selection

In years past, metal cleats were worn by golfers worldwide due to the belief that the metal spikes helped with grip on the course. However, those same metal cleats would rip up the pristine greens and leave devastation in their wake that the grounds crew would later have to address. 

Modern golf shoes have swapped the metal for hard rubber, plastic, and non-metal spikes. For players that do not have golf shoes, running shoes with good grip are a suitable substitute until you can get a pair.

Shoe Don’ts

As previously mentioned, metal spikes are currently frowned upon due to their tendency to unnecessarily ripping up the course. Additionally, avoid wearing boots, street shoes, or sandals while on the green. These styles lack the appropriate grip needed and generally make you look sloppier than you originally intended when putting your look together. 

Combine a Day on the Links With a One-of-a-Kind Wine Tasting Experience

For savvy golfers, finding ways to make the most of their experience on a unique and professional golf course is vital. If you’re looking for a truly unique golfing experience, teeing off between the original trees and vines planted by our founder over 150 years ago is one to remember. Plus, our tasting rooms allow you to take in some of our finest wines after you finish the 18th green. Contact Renault Winery to learn more about our golf memberships, fine wines, and champagne selection today!

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