5 Things to Consider When Planning Your New Jersey Wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting and also overwhelming experiences. There are so many decisions to be made, and details to plan where do you begin?! Before you start looking for the perfect venue or booking vendors for your big day you should sit down and make some decisions that are most important to you. This will help you narrow down your venue and vendor options and make the wedding planning experience much easier. Below we've listed out some of the biggest decisions brides and grooms will make in the wedding planning process.

1. Intimate Wedding vs. Large Wedding
This decision can be made based on a variety of factors and personal preferences. There is no right or wrong decision, but it is a decision you should make early on. Some questions to ask yourself when making this decision: Do you have a large family? Do you want to invite all of your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors with the more the merrier approach, or would you rather have an intimate smaller wedding where you can spend more time with the most important people in your life? Would you rather flex your budget to invite more people, or have less people and splurge on other details?

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2. Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony & Reception
Some brides have their heart set on an outdoor ceremony or reception. While this can make for a beautiful setting, there are some major things to consider when deciding on this. This first obvious factor: weather. While the weather can't be easily predicted months in advanced, you can consider seasonality for a general rule of thumb. If you want an outdoor event you want to cross out the months that would be too hot, or too cold, or plan to rent some heating or cooling options. You would want to avoid the rainy season, or plan to rent a tent for just in case situations. Some venues offer indoor space in the event of untimely poor weather conditions if you want to play it safe with a backup option. Depending on the season, you will also want to consider pest control service ahead of the wedding to ensure your guests aren't bothered by bees or mosquitos.

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3. Afternoon vs. Evening
A great way to save some money in planning your reception, is to have an afternoon wedding. Lunch prices are usually a few dollars cheaper than dinner prices for weddings and events in general. When you consider the small dollar amount multiplied by your guest count, this can actually save you quite a bit.

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4. Traditional Wedding Cake vs. Dessert Bar
While this new dessert bar trend has brides ditching the traditional wedding cake for some more dessert options, (sometimes at a lower cost than a wedding cake), many brides still dream of their perfectly tiered wedding cake. If you can't decide on one or the other, why not have both?!

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5. DJ vs. Live Wedding Band
Entertainment can make or break your wedding reception! No matter if you decide on a DJ or a live band, you want to make sure the venue can accommodate your entertainment needs, or you may need to rent some equipment you hadn't planned on (a stage, speakers, lighting, etc.) Once you decide on your source of entertainment you be sure you have the opportunity to meet with them ahead of talk about the type of music you want at your wedding. The music you chose is going to set the tone for the night and will get your guests out of their chairs and on the dance floor.

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Our wedding team at Renault Winery is here to help you plan your perfect wedding and guide you through the wedding planning process. With indoor and outdoor ceremony and photo sites, reception venues able to accommodate 25-300 people, lunch and dinner menu options, on site accommodations, open bar options, and much more, we have everything you need to create your dream custom wedding package.

We would love to answer any questions you have about your big day! To start planning your New Jersey wedding today contact Lauran at or (609)965-2111 ext.532

New Jersey Winery Tours and Tastings

Whether you’re are wine enthusiast or just enjoy a glass now and then, most people dream of a trip to France filled with endless itinerary of winery visits. While this popular bucket list item is worth crossing off, you don’t need to travel across the world to plan a perfect wine expedition.

New Jersey wineries

With over 50 wineries across the state, New Jersey comes in at #10 in wine production out of all 50 states. New Jersey residents can plan a full day, weekend, or even week-long adventure to wineries in your own back yard. With wineries scattered in both North Jersey and South Jersey (and also Central Jersey - but let's not get into that debate) you'll have plently of time before you start running out of wineries to tour and wines to taste. While most parts of the world can only produce a particular set of grapes due to their environment, New Jersey wineries can produce over 40 varieties including red, white, dry and sweet. So no matter your palette, there is a New Jersey wine for you.

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Plan your New Jersey wine tour

Are you ready to start planning your New Jersey wine weekend? Well, you are in luck! Instead of relying on the "wineries near me" siri responses, has put together a full list of New Jersey Wineries to help you plan the perfect wine tasting weekend. Check out “The Definitive Guide to Wine Tasting in NJ” to map out your winery tour trail. Before you start making your way through the list, be sure to pick up your Wine Trail Passport from the NJ Wine Growers Association, or download the app. When you visit each winery, get your passport stamped for a chance to win an amazing getaway to one fo the world's wine destinations. 

Things to do in New Jersey

Make the most of your NJ wine tour by checking out each winery's website or social media sites before you go. It's always fun to taste wine and enjoy a stroll through the vineyards, but most NJ winerire have so much more to offer like:

1) Winery tours 

Each winery is very different, and most offer unique tours showing the process of how wine is made. Some wine tours may walk you through the vineyards, or other unique areas while they explain the history of their winery.

2) A place to enjoy

 After you complete your wine tasting, you have the opportunity to buy some bottled wine. At most wineries in NJ you can take your wine and find a nice place to sit inside or outside and sip wine and play yard games.

3) Special events and entertainment

Many NJ wineries host all kinds of events you don't want to miss! Some regularly schedulded events include murder mystery dinners, elegant dinner pairings, 5k through the vineyards, wine festivals, and more!

Renault Winery Historic Tours

louieWhile planning your New Jersey wine tasting tour, be sure to check out Renault Winery. As the second oldest winery in the country, Renault offers a unique historic tour telling audiences how Renault Winery survived prohibition. After your tour of the winery, stop by the tasting room and taste some of Renault’s wines. Before you make your reservations, be sure to check out our upcoming events, hotel packages, and golf specials! To plan your tour of Renault call (609) 965-2111 today!  

Tour reservations are required, please call 609.965.2111 ext 519 or 520.