GoBundance May 10, 2023 At
Renault Winery Resort

Thank you for your interest in attending our GoBundance event at Renault Winery.
Registration is now closed.

Will you be playing golf at Vineyard National Golf Course on May 10th?
Please Note: Tee times begin at 12:00 PM and run every 10 minutes.
Golf is $50.

Our entree selections are as follows:

Filet Mignon ($60.00)
Salmon ($60.00)
Vegetable Ravioli ($60.00)
No Dinner ($0.00)

Would you like hotel accommodations at Chateau Renault Hotel?

Chateau Renault Hotel prices are $129 + $35 in taxes & fees for a total of $164.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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