Best Wines to Serve at Your Wedding

While many people have a favorite wine to serve at a dinner party, choosing the right wine for a wedding reception may pose a challenge. However, there are certain features to consider when selecting the best wines for your wedding celebration. 

Here at Renault Winery, your local winery in South Jersey, we boast a diverse wine selection for any wedding celebration. With an enduring commitment to excellence, we have 158 years of careful cultivation, persistence, and innovation. 

We continue the dream of our founder, Louis Renault, who wanted to produce fine wines and champagnes for the world to enjoy. From vine to bottle, we honor his legacy by creating varietals from his original vines that celebrate the beauty of agrarian practices. Keep reading to learn our recommendations for the perfect wedding wine.

What Makes the Perfect Wedding Wine?

Traditionally, people have assumed that red wines are appropriate fall or winter wedding wines, while white grapes produce the best wines to serve at a spring or summer wedding. However, it is more important to consider what you will serve on your menu when choosing the type of wine. 

A perfect wedding wine should be light, approachable, and fruit-forward. You should avoid wines that are full-bodied and bitter. Overall, you want to ensure that your wine pairs well with a variety of dishes. Here are some recommendations of our best wines to serve at your wedding. 

2020 Fleur de Blanc

2020 Fleur de Blanc makes the perfect choice for any wedding due to its approachable quality and fruity aromas. Your guests will enjoy its lovely flavors of pear, grapefruit, and papaya. Additionally, it provides an aroma of multiple fruits, including honeysuckle, lemon verbena, and peach blossom. 

The light and sweet qualities of our 2020 Fleur de Blanc produce a tingling sensation throughout the palate. It makes an excellent companion for many seafood dishes, such as grilled sea bass, oysters, crab cakes, egg dishes, and green salad.


Rouge is crimson in color and rich in fruity flavoring, making it a delightful wine to serve at your wedding. It is an approachable wine with notes of bing cherry, pomegranate, and vanilla. 

If you enjoy the lighter style of pinot noir, our Rouge combines this feature with an array of fruity delights. Your wedding guests will rave about its flavors of cherry preserves, baking spice, and vanilla bean. It pairs well with bold-flavored meats, including beef, in addition to pasta and cheese.

2019 Pink Champagne Reserve

Our 2019 Pink Champagne Reserve offers an elegant option for your wedding’s champagne toast. It provides a beautiful appearance, with sparkling pink bubbles emitting a magical essence. Additionally, the beautiful appearance of this champagne offers ample opportunities for unforgettable photos.

Moreover, it has a light and fruity flavoring that brings to mind orange creamsicle, red cherry, and ripe melon. Combine these pleasant flavors with tangerine and grapefruit notes, in addition to strawberry aromas, and you have an excellent choice of champagne for your wedding.

2018 Riesling

Riesling is a white grape variety originating in the Rhine region of Germany. It is an aromatic grape variety that usually produces dry, semi-sweet, sweet, and sparkling wines. The world has come to embrace riesling for its refreshing qualities.

Our 2018 Riesling offers green melon, grapefruit, and pear aromas, with a rich texture palate. It has a rich palate with candied almond, orange zest, and fuzzy peach flavors. Roasted pork, duck, and seafood make the perfect partners for riesling. 

2019 Blueberry Champagne

If you want to impress your wedding guests, choose a unique and memorable option for your champagne toast. Our 2019 Blueberry Champagne provides a memorable, mouth-filling blueberry flavor with a crisp and tantalizing palate. 

You and your wedding guests will savor its fresh blueberry aroma with a delightful and sweet finish. As the only producer of blueberry champagne in the United States, Renault Winery is proud to offer its 2019 Blueberry Champagne for your wedding celebration.

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While many people have a favorite wine to serve at a dinner party, choosing the right wine for a wedding reception may pose a challenge. However, there are certain features

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